The Ancient Pavilions

“…le musée improbable…”
/ “…unlikely museum..”

Cambodia is a land of traditions. In its countryside, the beliefs and objects of remote origins that remain are manifold. Theam’s Gallery is an invitation to discover and immerse ourselves into Khmer culture through its architecture, its everyday objects or even traditional musical instruments. Each bears testimony to the story and the thought of a people of rice-farmers, whose religious beliefs blend nature spirits, Hindu deities and Buddha. Numerous visual and spiritual references that are conducive to feed the traveler’s reflection, as well as it inspires the work of the artist and designer, Theam.


At Theam’s Gallery, it sounds like long term of history is unfolding. In the garden, the space is shaped by the five elements. Iconic plants from Cambodia, like the Banyan tree, deliver life continuously. Architecture and symbolic items testify to the vitality of Khmer culture over the centuries. In this microcosm, in which a peaceful and ideal world has been recreated, each visitor is being offered meditation or night-time celebration in its sole discretion.

The Ancient Pavilions Gallery