“… an artist’s calling

rebuilding lives, reviving arts …”

“… an exquisite

visual arts space …”

“… blending the

traditional with innovation …”

“… always makes

your events unique …”

The most unexpected hidden gem in Siem Reap!

Angkor is a land of many wonders which has inspired artistic expression for millennia. Today Siem Reap boasts an array of talented artists with Theam’s Gallery at the very core. Located a mere 10 minutes from the majestic temples of  Angkor, Theam’s Gallery is the home, atelier, and gallery of Master Cambodian Artist, Lim Muy Theam.

Art Walk


Witness young apprentice artisans painting, sculpting, and lacquering, while discovering the colorful contemporary creations of Theam himself.

Art Gallery

This exquisite visual arts space features a professionally curated showroom exhibiting all artworks conceived and produced onsite. It gives visitors an authentic insight into the distinctive world of Cambodian art.

ancient pavilions

Immerse yourself into Khmer culture through its architecture, its everyday objects, and even its traditional musical instruments.

Unique Venue

As you step from one breathtaking pavilion to the next, you experience a sanctuary of serenity and a true visual feast. This lush space invites you to explore and immerse yourself in Khmer culture at its very best through Theam’s impressive private collection of local artifacts.